Announcing mining pool launch!

Finally kicking this off. I’ve been hard at work coding this thing out and setting up infrastructure to support everything.

There is a wait list right and if you’re interested you can check out

The website is hosted on GitHub and I’ll have more goodies coming soon on the website and GitHub for everyone.


So there has been a lot of interest in this. I’m actually pretty stoked to see how many people have shown interest in this so I’ll be posting updates here every so often. Please feel free to ask questions.

This past week I’ve work a lot on the infrastructure side of things. The frontend is setup and behind a load balancer. Most of the servers are locked down and pretty much everything is automated. I like to automate things so all the app servers are ephemeral and auto scale. This will make sure that no one has issues when navigating the frontend of the app.

There have been a few hiccups with the email list, however, those are all straightened out now so emails are being sent out now with no issues. (I’m also positive that around 1/3 are “hackers” waiting for me to launch :joy:)

This week, work permitting, I’ll start setting up more infrastructure and get back to work on the pool code.