Announcing We buy plots!

For anyone who is interested in getting a return on their plotting rig visit We will pay $8 / 10 plots.

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I had been pondering such brokerage as well, but here is the thing that made me think, hmmm …
How do you expect the plots to be transferred? In many countries the internet connection even if broadband is severely asymmetric. Downloading a TB is no problem. Uploading a TB on the other hand is.

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Incredible range we see around here… One service charged $15 per plot, and you’re offering only 80 cents per plot.

Plotting in the cloud has a cost-basis of $3 per plot, not even counting bandwidth overages.

I’m not sure who could possibly use this service and see it as profitable.

On a 12Mbps(upload) connection, it would take 21 hours to upload one plot file. And I can’t imagine how many of those plot files would end up corrupted and need to be done over again. So, $.80 a day, maybe. Not very appealing.


Your website looks spammy AF bro. Straight outta Phishtown.

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