Announcing World’s First PPS Payout Chia Farming Pool -

Announcing World’s First PPS Payout Chia Farming Pool.

Have you ever dreamed of earning XCH right from your first plot entered into the pool? Well, you can do that with very soon! We will be launching a Chia Farming Pool using the official pooling protocol on the First Day the protocol hits the mainnet.

Settling on PPS Payout scheme is no light decision but we trust the quality of protocol, skills of our engineers and the team behind Chia Network in bringing us the future of green farming.

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Details are still being ironed out, there will be many exciting features and bonuses to give away if you start pooling with us on the first week. Be sure to check us out on the first day and see you soon at the pool!

From Passionate farmers at

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Can you tell us more about the ‘features & bonusses’ and who pays for those in the end?

The website mentions 120% boost… ok so who is paying for the boost? the other pool members? from the pool fee?

sounds like you are just distributing pool rewards unfairly… but I don’t have enough info to make a call on it… so please provide more info.

Hi ChiaMax, all good questions. The bonuses mentioned are incentives for early adopters while we are building a solid user base and certainly these will come out of pool’s pocket to show our appreciation of the trust from community members. The 120% boost is your productivity boost, meaning you will be able to plot more, have more time to focus on things thats important. I am sure you have experienced the early stages in Chia farming when tools are lacking and we have gone through the same and came up with solutions. Lastly I’d like to emphasis our pool reward distributions are transparent, realtime, there are also regular payouts and monthly bonuses (in the event pool get too lucky!) for all users. As I said, the details are still being ironed out but I can guarantee you this will be an awesome pool!

Oh and I forgot to mention we are based in Australia, legally compliant and will have infrastructure in all major regions.

Let me know if you have more questions. :slight_smile:

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Providing tools is a good way to set yourself apart for other pools :+1:

But obviously you don’t have a custom made plotter that is 20% better than what is out there, so I’m skeptical at best on that claim… then again I may just misunderstand what you mean by that…
so if it’s not just marketing talk, I suggest you clarify the boost thing on your website.

The “have more time to focus” thing is rather odd as well, pool members plot with the pool NFT that is assigned to your pool and that’s it… not sure how your tools can improve on that.

anyway, looking forward to getting more details once those are ironed out.

someone somehow will have to pay for the ‘boost’. it may come in the form of higher fees or the pool taking a cut behind the scenes and the shared rewards are not transparent (lower than actual). trying to get ads or sponsors as a form of revenue is dead unless you’re a media.

The crypto world is all about calculation, if we take a cut (more than we showed to you) you can calculate that over a reasonable length of time, but we are not going to take the risk of doing so. We are aiming at establishing long term relationship with our pool members. Sticking with us and you will get rewarded corresponding to your contribution. I guarantee it will be transparent on launch day :slight_smile:

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A few people expressed concerns that PPS payout is lower comparing to PPLNS. That is not true. Our data model shows with 1% of total netspace, the payout to our pool members stays consistently above 98% over period of 30 days.

The remaining 2% stays in the pool to counter period with bad luck. In return, pool members are getting consistent income, calculable ROI lots benefits!

Result of mulitple runs with 1% of total netspace over 30 days period. Pool growth on-par with total netspace growth.

Talking about timing… we were planning to launch our official discord server today but would probably be overshadowed by the pool protocol stage 2 annoucement :rofl:

Anyway here you go…

Maxiopool’s official discord server is here! We are the first PPS Chia farming pool.

Come and get help, share brilliant ideas and most importantly stay profitable with us. :heart:

Also a few reasons why you should join - we will launch on the first day when official protocol is here! :partying_face:

Why Maxiopool?

  • Real-time PPS payout scheme for more consistent income, calculable ROI
  • Realize profit from the very first plot entered into the pool!
  • Legitimate Australia business with Servers in All major regions
  • Maxiopool is designed for near infinite horizontal scaling
  • Strong company policy for secure payment handling and infrastructure access
  • Optional in-house Windows-based apps for plotting and monitoring (coming soon)

Payout: PPS - Pay per Share | Min 0.01 XCH | Daily
Fees: 0% for Farmers under 25% percentile (netspace) of all pool members | 0.5% Everyone else

Launch week bonus:

  • No fee for 2 weeks
  • Minus 0.1% lifetime bonus, for members joined and farmed for the launch week

Any questions? Head over to our discord server and ask!