Another Chia Blockchain Game

We proudly present a provably fair, lottery-like blockchain game on top of Chia. You could multiply your hard-earned XCH up to 3000x in this game. No registration is required; send your XCH to the correlated address, and you are already in the game!

Heads up to to find out more! May the force of luck be with you!

@nikaplay Will our chances improve if we also send our Social Security number, and our credit card numbers, and our bank’s routing and account numbers, and a copy of our driver’s license, and our mother’s maiden name?

We could also mail you cash. What is your postal address?


@seymour.krelborn We’re sorry to inform you that we cannot do anything about your luck. :frowning: However, what we can do is make sure the prize is delivered if you are the chosen one!

You could audit every past game from the report automatically created to the mojo level of precision. But nobody can know what the future result would be, including us! Hence, provably fair.

As for the cash, once again, we’re sorry to inform you that we only accept XCH for the game.


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Definitely yes…lol I don’t know why these scammers presume other people idiots.

Looks cool so far.

Most of the links to GitHub on the Wiki (e.g. are broken.

Was hoping to read a bit more about those first. Thanks for sharing!

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@chiameh Thanks for the feedback and for pointing out the bug for us! It means a lot to us. And the said bug is already fixed; it might need some hard refresh in the user browser for the link to point to the correct URL.

Thanks and enjoy the game!