Another Compressed Plots question

Still confused. Will CPU and NVME (no GPU or RAMdisk required) be able to create a compressed plot? And…only a CPU (not a GPU) be able to decompress a plot as it passes the filter? Asking because all I’m seeing is a GPU is required. GPU is faster, but I’m not interested in dedicated GPU when I could use that PCIe lane for another 20 port sata extension.

You can create a compressed plot with just CPU but it takes time, but depending on your systems hardware the time will vary.

I tried on an i7 box with 32gb memory , just to see and it made a compress plot, and gain took some time.


yes CPU plotting will stay the same as before and you can create the new plots with it, most likely faster because they are smaller.

CPU farming is also fine, at least at the lower compression levels

Level 1 compression will give you 1/2 the total benefit, without much change to cpu requirements for farming.


if you keep <C4 for CPU only…you will be better off than GPU farming