Any Chia random wins?

Has anyone win any Chia yet? I only got Chia through block farming but not random wins (like lottery win). I been farming for about a year now but not a signle random win. Just wan to know how other people are doing in this area or something wrong with my setup?

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Random wins aren’t random, any blocks you minted in a pool you would have minted if you were solo, so long as your response times are good and you were synced and online at that time.
So yes, many have minted blocks solo.

I am minting solo, but I am not asking about the 2 Chia you mint after farming a block. I am asking about when you are supposed to win a single Chia when your plot is matched agaist an address sent.

I have no clue what your talking about.
As far as I know the only coins you get are from minting blocks.
Care to share a link describing what you mean?

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What is a random win?
What is a lottery win?

When you win, where to you look to see if it is a random win, or a lottery win, or some other win?

No such thing exists.

You get 2 XCH when you farm/“win” a new block, that’s it

Yes, I have a couple of random wins. You should get about 12% of your total but I am down about 8% only

What’s a random win exactly?

I don’t understand… What is this?

I do know since I started pooling I have not received a single win. I have mode more then I would have Pooling though. I have surpassed 2 chia payed by the pools.

I don’t roll multiple PB though, I am in the sub 100 TB.

Again, there is no such thing as random 1xch wins on the chia blockchain.
What are you guys talking about?

Oops, thought they were talking about the random 0.25xch vs the regular payment from the pool

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really I have not any profit 7 month farming with 100 plots

With 100 plots the expected time to win is extremely long, better off by joining a pool if you ask me

I had some “bad luck” in December / January but overall I am above the expected winrate.

Expected time to win is 3–4 weeks.