Any one from Baltic states?

Hello guy. Any one from Baltic states?
If You have many HDD we can cooperated I found out way how to earn 1.5x time more that usually with you plots. If interesting to mining together let me know.
Of course can other countries as well to join and earn together more than now You do.
I can use your current plots with your hdd but need connected to my pc to can do this with your wallet.
I will not say how to do I just can do this.

For example you have 100TB = Daily USD
$65.20 / day
Daily XCH
0.0942 / day

So I can get around 86 USD per day
Daily XCH

0.1252 / day

Is this the Chia equivalent of the Nigerian scam? :rofl:


Lol I can meet in real life Im from Latvia. I just found way how to more can farming.
Also can make contract via my company

Just found possibly bug :slight_smile:

So you claim to have found a bug in the code that can let you farm plots on current pre-pool mainnet, created with a different key, without the person having to give you their private key?

I say I will not say how. Only when I will meet person in Live. More info I will not give.

Red flags on this one srs.

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