Any one mining CHIA with DEDICATED SERVERS?

is it possible?
except Amazon where can i find one?

I’m currently harvesting on Digital Ocean with object storage on Wasabi

I personally think it’s cost effective at this time. Do NOT use s3fs to mount the storage, it absolutely destroys the network (talking 1Gbps sustained). Goofys is doing the same work at about 1Mbps.

I will warn that I’m actively analysing the network performance to ensure it will return a proof fast enough, as this is a fairly non-standard setup. I added some metrics to chia plots check, and I see that most proofs are returned in 10 seconds, which should be good enough. In my last round I saw a couple proofs at 18 and 19 seconds, which may not be fast enough to win. That time is on top of the quality check and any network delays to the farmer.

This week I’ll likely take a swing at putting s3 support directly into chiapos so that it can do block reads directly with the s3 interface rather than using the file system abstraction at all. And if possible async all the reads.