Any ways to speed up sync?

Hey guys,

Yesterday I fucked up my config, database and everything and I ended up syncing everything from scratch. 24h laters I am like 60% synced. I had the idea to increase my max peer count significantly because the pc can handle it. However, in another thread I read that a full sync will be about 2 days.

Does anyone understand what the bottleneck is and if there are any ways to speed up syncing if one does not want to download the database for a 3rd party source?

You are already pretty quick. I doubt you can make much difference

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From what i gather the slowdown is local as you are validating every block in the chain. I think this is single core performance.

But there is also just a bit of a speed limit inherent to the system, it’s not like you can sync in a few hours if you have a core i9 or something.

60% after 24 hours is pretty good, but it might slow down as you hit areas with more transactions

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You more than half way there. Once done syncing shut down chia and copy your Chia files to a USB drive for CYA later when you need them.

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Don’t forget to make backups from time to time so you don’t need to start from zero if something happens.


Actually I do not think it is single core performance because not a single core is ever at 100%.


SSD should also not be limiting, RAM can also not be a bottleneck, Internet bandwidth either… Hence, I would be really curious to figure out why the process takes so long even if you run a mini datacenter.

Currently I am at 1.6M of 2.2M. :yawning_face:

Last Backup was corrupted, . FML. :wink:

Once in a while I let my harvesters sync up and when down shut down the gui and start the harvester only again from CLI. This way I may a couple of machines with DB’s.

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If on Flexpool can startup flexfarmer while waiting for the node to sync and keep farming away during sync.

There will be a lot faster syncing in a few months but I can’t say more as to why.

It’s synced now. Gosh, that was some hard birth. Never took me so long to sync a blockchain before. LOL.

You never synced btc?

Happy Monday Bones and folks

10 years ago, that also was no issue. :v: