Anybody got some of those sata to usb, pcb's lying around from shucked hdd's?

Was wondering if someone here has kept a bunch of those boards and are now taking up space somewhere, I would like to take them off you hands :slight_smile:
Preferably in Holland or at least Europe because of the shipping cost.

Internal drives are now much cheaper here than externals, and for me those boards are one of the easiest ways to expand my current farming setup. So let me know if you have a few that you want to pass on.

Or if you know a link to where i can but them?

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Tbh they are not the best quality. They completely fail with other drives and are even only 99% functional with their original drives. I have some. I schucked them because they were unreliable

You might have a point, but i think its worth giving it a try.
Most convenient thing for me is that it takes 12v power, so i can feed it directly from my psu without overloading the 5v rail

I have 4 USB to SATA Adapters I was planning to put on EBay. Interested?

30 € including shipping from Germany for all four (without power adapters).

Two notes regarding condition:
One of the adapters has a light burn mark on the cable.
On Windows multiple adapters will show up as a single device with multiple drives below.

The listing on EBay does include a picture:

I have about 400 of them I kept in a bin. I’m in CA USA. If you fly me up there to vacation I’ll bring the whole bin for you.

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Haha, good one

The funny thing is, if you keep them for a while I might actually take you up on you offer :joy:
If all goes to plan I should be in California in the fall :grin:

I have ~7 of them lying around with psu.
I’m located in switzerland. Seagate and WD
If you cover the shipping cost, I send them over. They only use up space for me. Pn me if you are interested.

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You mean something like this?

From a Seagate Expansion 16TB.
I have one and you can have it.

Als je je adres even in pm doorgeeft stuur ik hem op.

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