Anybody plotting on 4 TB WD BLACK AN1500?

Anybody plotting on 4 TB WD BLACK AN1500 ?
There was a pricing error on Italian Amazon and I managed to grab two of them.
It seems that there is no TBW, but 5 years warranty.
Anybody uses that monstrosity?
Inside there are 2 x 2 TB nvme drives in hardware RAID0, they wre taking x8 pcie.

@chiahodler Can you update on this. Have you tested.
I’m planning to get 2 of this also.

It is a VERY fast drive, I can compare it to Samsung 970.
For this price it was a no brainer - some guys were afraid that the shop will sent 1 TB version instead of 4TB, but everybody received a correct one.
Great for plotting, 5 years warranty and nothing about TBW.

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According to this post on AnandTech, the AN1500 is two SN750 NVMe drives in a trenchcoat, RAID 0 style. Nice.

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#1 What is your sustained writing speed?
I think Samsung 970 Pro can push around 2500 MB/s flat at all time.
Saw on Tom’s hardware, AN1500 should sustain 3500 MB/s flat. Can you confirm this?

#2 I have tried to find more info on that warranty, but it seems even on WD website there is no where talking about TBW limitation.
Some said about two drives inside have TBW.
However, user buys the whole package (as 2 inside drives + enclosure) and I think the whole package warranty should be applied instead of inside drive TBW. What do you think.
If true, this is too good to be true.

#3 Do you have problem on cooling

Looking at the data sheets for the SN730s, the 1TB versions have an endurance of 400 TBW

Assuming that you can just do 2x the 2TB wd1500 should have 800 TBW.

Not sure if that math works out that way though

Sustained speed seem awesome

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Hello, I’m plotting with two of them… I can do 2 plots every 37 -40 minutes With 28 threads to each drive ( dual xeon e5-2680 V4 the speed it’s as adviced… very fast.

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