Anyone else upgrade their spouse / children / family computers for.. uh.. "helpful" Chia reasons?

I suddenly found myself with an intense desire to upgrade my son’s Intel i7-7700 system to a Ryzen 5950x because, uh, it was high time he had an upgrade!! He’s my only son, he deserves a solid upgrade from an old worn out 7th gen CPU with only 4 cores… it had absolutely nothing to do with an insatiable desire to plot Chia files, I swear to God!

(I had to get on Craigslist and buy the 5950x CPU from a local guy for cash like a drug deal last night at a nearby Safeway supermarket, too. :rofl:)

Oh, and this MSI mobo is kinda awesome: 2.5 gbps Ethernet and dual PCIe 4.0 M.2 ports in mini ITX format for under $200! I’m lovin’ it. I did have to upgrade the BIOS to latest to get it to properly recognize the 5950x but at least I was able to get into there and get it done properly. I also took advantage of the SATA ports for a dump drive, and one additional plot target, as well…)