Anyone experience with Buffalo Drivestations?

Just happens I can buy them cheap, at least at my end

They are only 2 bay HDD stations but USB 3.0 I use the fantec’s normally that hold 4 but they cost a lot more…

Just wondering if anyone has experience with them

20 Euro a piece, so I think that’s a deal …

Thoughts, experience ? Welcome

Outdated product, their new line looks fancy but heck 20 Euro a piece … dunno bin stuff or usable

Probably not bad if you need two slots. Not big enough for me to bother with

Super cheap, but I use docks to cut down on sockets needed, so only buy 5 bays.
But at that price I guess you need to way up options.

Yea 2 bay is like bah but at that price tag, it’s dunno … already thinking how to power with a PSU … cheaper than buying a 4 or 6-8 bay one which goes wacko in price …

The reason I’m pondering and asking thoughts experience is , is it worthwhile, no extra fans needed, clean install and can handle up to 16TB HDD’s though 3.5" ones

Note the official site has a typo kinda says access 4 drives while it’s only 2 afaik…

Screenshot - 2021-10-06T031635.176

the option is well power it with a PSU :stuck_out_tongue: lol , never seen a 5 bay 4-6-8 yes so that’s a new one for me

Anyway I never had anything from the Buffalo brand so , experience is also welcome

I’ve not seen buffalo.
All mine are orico and yottamaster.

Mine are all fantec currently and I can’t complain at all but price doubled for them in a month time kinda … so hence looking at other options and got the buffalo’s offered at a price tag that is kinda to accept … lol

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