Anyone selling Chia?

Ahoy! Mi scallywags , I know mi scallywags ‘ave worked hard I’ve got me tech shipmates buildin’ a rig or two fer plottin’ but ‘til they be finished I’ll ‘ave t’ wait. While waitin’ I would also like t’ purchase ye treasure direct from anywho be a sellin’? I dislike MXC, Okex, I’d like t’ see XCH on Coinbase (Pro) but it’s goin’ t’ take a while mi mateys Happy t’ pay in FIAT or BTC please email mi accounts dept:

Ask fer Zsu subject line must include SELLING-XCH

Doc Gamos XVI

Godzilla had a stroke trying to read this and fricking died :slight_smile:

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Haa haa mi shipmates :skull_and_crossbones:

“Talk like a Pirate Day” is on September 19th…

Ahhh haaa capt’n lad ya got sim shizzle fa mi?

Pirate Monkeyness Insults and Translations :rofl: