Anyone tried filecoin? The HW requirement is almost same as Chia

Looks like the Chia rig can be easily migrated to mine Filecoin, anyone tried it?
How’s the profitability compared to Chia?


Almost same requirements! Can I have some of what your smoking?

They are if you went high end on your plotter ill give you that.

I looked, gave up, I also looked at the Chinese clone, l forget the name, but I feel they are keeping that to themselves, next to no documentation or videos on setup etc…

I only found chia looking for a way to roi on some gear while I await safe network release , but I have faith in chia, its an interesting coin and I hope it does well, I’m already debating keeping it running, shame to plot all these Plots just to roi, and to put your fingers is as many pies as possible is always a safer bet.

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I did some research almost a year back, and I found that their community is not that “open”.
That makes me bearish on the project.
If it’s a cult, general public will not buy in… similar to Storj

Their spec is very high end, which is opposite to “we are decentralized and want everyone to participate”

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Here’s the requirement for filecoin: Hardware requirements | Filecoin Docs

My plotter meets it except the GPU. The GPU looks optional (nice to have)
There’s a news showing $1.3B is invested to mine filecoin recently in China. Looks promising future based on BTC journey


Gpu is optional, but my impression is without one it would be like trying to plot on a spectrum.

Everything looks documented very well, going to give this a go thanks.

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I am migrating my plotter to Arweave, not Filecoin though. I can tell you that Chia is much easier to set up, way better documented than Arweave :sweat_smile:

But one thing, in general, is that they (Arweave and Filecoin) require high-end hardware. My 20 mins Chia plotter looks extremely weak like a ten years old laptop now :sweat_smile:


Does it require GPU? It’s super hard to get a RTX 3080 with a reasonable price now

Arweave doesn’t rely on GPU. It uses CPU, RAM, and a load of SSDs if you want to mine with efficiency. I think SSD is very essential in Arweave’s mining even more than Chia’s plotting since the latter can use RAM in place of SSD.

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Where do you go to find all these other coins to mine?

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Actually, I know Arweave from this forum :sweat_smile: I really interest in the project.

But if it doesn’t work for me, I will mine VerusCoin instead. I search Google for the best coin for CPU mining.


The arweave space is ~11T, do you save it on a SSD or save it in HDD?
If SSD, that’s a pretty big investment
If HDD, the iops is pretty low, and will be the mining bottleneck.
Any suggestion? Thanks

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I save chuck_storage in 4 x RAID0 HDDs while I bind rocksdb on an NVMe which I used to plot Chia :joy:

The speed of 4 HDDs is much better (2x) than an SATA SSD. I hope it will be fast enough.

Oh, and the amount of data that you’ll have to sync is not 11TB as shown on the web. It’s only around 7TB. I don’t know why, maybe some zip algorithm :joy:


However, you can mine with any space by the way. For example, if I mine with only 1TB, my return would be at 1/7 of what it should be. But I don’t know whether the speed of the drive or the space effects ROI more than the other. I go with space first.


can you share the git for the AR status monitor? I found one here, but not sure same as yours? Thanks

I think I found it.

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Sorry for my late reply. This is the one I’m using :+1:

monero is also cpu mining. no need to have big ram or ssd/hdd. but you will need cpu with many many cores and big L2 and L3 cache, like epyc 7742 or epyc 7763, 7713.

these cpu are pricey…

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Did you try the filecoin? How does it go? Trying to see if needs to jump in…

How’s your AR going? Got any AR coin?

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In the end, I mine Monero and use the space that I planned to mine Arweave to farm Chia.

If you don’t have a lot SSDs or HDDs (I would rather use HDDs to farm Chia) to RAID0 to store the block (data), it’s a waste of time. You can use this space to farm Chia instead and mine any coin with your CPU and GPU as a bonus :sweat_smile:

With the current difficulty level of GPU coins, I think you’ll need at least 3GB of GPU RAM (at least with RavenCoin).

In the end, you can sell your plotter now and take some loss, or mine other coins and speculate their value.