Anyone waiting with replotting?

Hi I have a 500+TiB farm with old plots. I’ve not started with replotting, because I am HODLing and therefore don’t feel much pressure to join the pool.

Instead I waiting till last possible moment, because longer I wait , the more replotting getting better and easier.

If your not bothered about pooling and are happy going solo there is absolutely no point in replotting at all.


As long as netspace stays where it is-which is likely even medium term now- you’re fine, everything stays the same and you’re happy with your current rate of blocks farmed (I presume).

But if netspace increases rapidly again for some reason you’ll probably want to have replotted in advance because in that scenario:

  • Plotting services and hardware prices go up
  • You start earning much less and much less frequently
  • The work you’re putting in depreciates daily. By the time you farm the next block your reward is worth much less (you would have been better off in a pool).

So, to sum up, I don’t think there’s a lot of incentives for you to replot now if you’re comfortable with your win rate, but don’t be caught off-guard in the future when you may have reasons to do it because it will happen fast.

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The best strategy is probably to wait until you have farmed your first block, then switch to pool immediately.

Every single day you farmed solo without using pool, you lost the amount you could have earned for that day. However, if you farmed 2 XCH early enough, say before the ETW, and you switch to pool, then you should have earned more than what your farm is supposed to.

However, if you have farmed solo with 0XCH for so long that a pool could have given you 2 XCH already, then your earning situation will become you have to farm 2 blocks, i.e. 4 XCH before immediately switching to a pool.

On my server, I have 25TB of NFT plots. I started with 20TB OG and never won. That is why I switched to a pool… Time to win was too great. I still haven’t farmed any blocks with my pool plots either, but at least I am earning some for my efforts.

I don’t agree with that statement… If the Chia Calculator says you should have earned 2XCH by now and also it says you are encroaching on the should have earned 4XCH by now realm, then I advise looking at your setup. If everything is good, then switch to a pool. Luck is not on your side if you aren’t earning XCH and missing the estimated earnings.

You missed the point. You could have that bad luck, it is possible, though unlikely, assuming your equipment is working perfectly. Statistically the time you farm a block will fluctuate, either early or later than when you should have earned. The idea here is simply try to catch that fluctuation where you actually gain by farming a block before you would on average then switch to an ideally fluctuation-free pool.

Though, then you do lose the 1% in a long term.