Architecture of main wallet vs farmers

Is it good planning to have the main node running the wallet and full node on a small VM or Raspberry PI with NFS access to the various plot mount points, while leaving the farming nodes to large VM’s or physical machines?

The terms you are using are throwing me off a bit, but I’ll give it a shot to answer :slight_smile:

You can have the full node/farmer on a small VM/Rpi - I am running mine with GUI on rpi4 2gb and have network attached share to my NAS where I store all the plot files.

I have other machines that are faster where I am creating plots, meaning I am ONLY creating the plots there for the farmer/full node on the RPI to use them.


I currently have my full node and farmer running as the GUI under Windows, with all the storage presented from a NAS to the Windows host so it can farm from a single point.
Im working on setting up a pair of rackmount Linux servers with 12-bays each, with the goal of running the harvesting from each of those nodes using non-shared storage.
I would like to move the full node and farmer to a small Linux VM and get away from Windows all together. However, im finding it difficult in setting up a remote harvester in this way, even following the directions in the wiki. Right now, im looking for some general guidance on how to get this working.

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