Are Chia Plotting Services Still Marketable?

What is the expected price per k32 plot?

Definitely. With Gigahorse/Compressed plots there is demand. One issue is that you can’t pre-plot as you need their farm key+NFT to create plots for their NFT. With FlexFarmer you can pre-plot but most aren’t on Flexpool.

How do you pre-plot on FlexFarmer? Doesn’t the plot still need private keys?

The keys used cannot be used to change where the NFT is pointed or to access your wallet. So you can use them then farm to your own separate wallet by setting payout address in FlexFarmer.

For example

sudo ./cuda_plot_k32 -C 7 -n 20 -r 1 -t /media/misher/writable/ -d /media/misher/HDD19/ -c xch16aak27z0vqyf4dechwcnt86ptyp3p0fa3xjqc458n6fn09x33rmsdmqm0t -f a89785319d88bcecec571343ca99ef376c7bbb2563ebb9b56b5fa2d307dc9cf8c98f0070b371ee2567b4a859fb8692ba

Can be farmed in FlexFarmer using:

farmer_secret_key: “0x7008eacbb589edd7c5ae4e55e3c3907e9e6a440dc004b2a55b7b021d6beb62a8” # Used to sign partials and blocks
launcher_id: “0x289f0b0d330aa7814e14fa6cf9db115551c430d46752aa678bd5e424c84c5689” # Identifier of your Plot NFT

Since our pool uses your payout address, Evergreen and other farmers can use the same pool NFT and farm keys to create standard plots. Each customer gets those plots and farms them to their own individual payout address they set in settings.

A service that sells plots or pre-plotted drives benefits from a payout address account system and a farmer that doesn’t need your seed to work.

This makes FlexFarmer the safest way to farm as your seed never has to be on a computer connected to the internet.

So they plot to a Flex key, and you promise to route the payment correctly? Is that what I read?

Our account system pays out using payout address in config, the same as most eth, btc, or other crypto mining pools. If you’ve gpu/cpu/asic mined in the past it should be familiar.

You do have to trust that we won’t steal from you, the same as you do any pool.
XCH goes from Chia Network->Pool->Your wallet in config.

For a while there, I think $0.10 per plot was the standard rate (with deviation from this acceptable of course). It seems to work best for those with a killer internet plan or in the instance of buying a drive from someone and having it pre-plotted. A money making venture? Probably not - that’s too much work to make $10 here and there but it’s a good value for those of us who don’t want to build a plotter and need the plots.

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I’ve only mined chia and its alts. One of the things I like about the official pooling protocol was that it didn’t require that trust. Sounds like those special plots wouldn’t be farmable on any other pool, or able to revert to solo.

Indeed. But for a corporation it makes sense as you can built up inventory and standardize.

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A small correction to past things I’ve said, Evergreen apparently uses individual NFT’s for its HDD’s. Not sure how that works and it definitely adds a lot of work on their end.