Are plots hard coded to your private key? Can you swap keys

I have little understanding about the connection between the private key and plots. My question is can I associate my plots to a different private key?. For instance if I believe my private key is comprised can I move my plots? or are my plots bad aswell?
Does that question even make sense? :slightly_smiling_face:

Your plots are tied to your private key. You cannot farm them using a different keynor transfer them. Sorry to hear this happened! What caused the compromise?

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If your private key is comprised, just create a new wallet on another computer - perhaps on a different network/internet connection - and send your farm rewards to that wallet address.

In my opinion, no one should ever use the farm wallet for anything.

I like Chia, profitability is decent the concept is neat at least but, I fear that the serious holes in security will be its downfall unless the dev team starts listening or at least takes an Internet security 101 course

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Thanks for your replies. No I am not compromised yet but I was thinking for instance if I sign up with Hpool or core-pool and then i change my mind and drop out I just dont want to find out later down the track something sinister occurred… maybe not but just checking on options available