Are the plots future proof? : Transferring the plots to SSD's or faster HDD's

Thinking Ahead…
Can the plots be moved to a more efficient storage device and farm it from there?

As of now, I understand that it is more cost efficient to save the plots on HDD’s. Honestly, I’m using surveillance drives and I don’t know yet if I am at a disadvantage vs NAS drives.

Is there at any point that a faster storage device for plots would be at a greater advantage vs slower ones? (SSD vs HDD : I’m only considering K32 for the mean time)

Thank you!

Yes, they can be moved. The plots are not future proof however. K32’s will be phased out in 5-10 years.

There are no advantages to storing the plots on faster storage. HDDs are perfectly fine.


There’s no benefit to being faster than “fast enough” for farming, and rotational storage is definitely fast enough.

You’ll see some people having performance problems with large farms here, but switching to SSDs is not at all a reasonable way to address them. Worst case, buying more PCs to put your farming HDDs in would definitely solve them and still be cheaper. (Not that that’s what I’d recommend either.)


Yeah for sure, mostly around network and mechanical latency as things get bigger and bigger. I feel like the Chia team needs to do more work here, more specifically, list all the plots that passed the harvester filter in the logs, so you can identify problem devices and/or network segments through associating that plot location with worse latency.