Are there any limitations to plotting with odd number of threads?

As far as I know, assigning an odd number of threads to a process should not affect stability.

As for performance I assume it would depend on the architecture as some processor architectures are designed to share cache between two cores.

Although when I tried to measure performance on a couple of tests with VMs, the performance increase was nearly linear. 3 threads being faster than 2, and 5 threads being faster than 4.

I guess my question is, are there any downsides that the community knows about when it comes to plotting with odd number of threads?

For instance on a 12thread system, plotting staggered with 5+5+1+1 (two phase1).

I have experimented with 1 and 3 threads without any problems, but I would leave at least 2 threads for the OS and other processes

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It is safe to use an odd number of threads.