Are there any real use cases for Chia?

It appears Chia is currently simply a coin that is being farmed and held and sold for speculation. Are there any other use cases? Particular smart contracts that are being deployed? Companies that have signed on to use Chia for their purposes?

Are you asking are there currently or will there be? I suggest you start here.

I am asking are there any currently.

I would imagine alot of business discussions would need NDA’s first, that’s the norm, so I wouldn’t really expect to hear to much.

I am not asking what is being done in stealth mode which would require NDAs. I am asking if there is anything in use right now. I guess from the lack of replies, there is nothing. So at this point, Chia is a coin with zero use case besides speculation. That is quite disappointing after all that bruhaha how much better it is. There should be companies lining up and announcing how they are going to use Chia. Apparently nothing of that sort.


Well they have 21 mill pre mined x $265.
If they can’t get businesses on board with that then they failed.
Give it time.


Great, they have all the money, grants, and such, but what has actually come out from this? Is there nothing even in the works that can be publicly announced? Why would anybody really invest in Chia if there is no uptake from the larger business community incorporating Chia into their roadmap?

It’s still relatively new code, bugs still to be got rid of, basic improvements to be made.
Things take time, the network needs to prove itself secure firstly.

I really think your wanting to much to soon.


The blockchain isn’t even six months old yet, give it some time. We invest, as all do in whatever we invest in, for future possibilities. We farm for the same reason, and/or because we love the tech and want to support one of the most (and possibly the most) decentralized, crypto on the planet.

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By the time it goes mainstream and has a bunch of ‘use cases’… won’t you have missed the opportunity to farm it?

Btw, the use case… its a currency, you exchange it for other goods and services. Just saying.

2013: Why would anyone really invest in Bitcoin if there is no uptake from the larger busin…

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DFI said they are releasing a NFT marketplace

This is a silly comparison. In 2013 almost nobody knew about cryptocurrencies. Today the general press is abuzz with stories about cryptocurrencies, hundreds if not thousands of companies operate in that space, millions of people hold, trade, and use it frequently. That should mean if a supposedly superior new cryptocurrency comes online there should be a lot more happening outside of Chia Inc and Chia farming. I am surprised that there isn’t anything. Yes, maybe it is too early, but it is not a particularly encouraging sign. I am not looking for hundreds of use cases. Give me 3 companies that are using Chia or have made a public announcement that they will use it in the near future.

Correct. Too early. You can’t just admit what you are asking is too early and then continue to ask the same question. The coin is in its early stages. Your questions would be concerning when it is a year or two old. Not now. If you don’t believe it has potential, fine, I don’t think anyone is going to twist your arm or waste their time trying to convince you it is the best thing in the world.

Until now, the dev team has focused on the blockchain protocol, Chialisp (creating the language itself), pools, and documenting Chialisp.

The genesis block happened less than six months ago. Chialisp was finalized four months ago. Pools came out two months ago. Documentation came out one month ago.

Now they (and the community) are just getting started on the real-world use cases. If you come back in six months and the current status hasn’t changed, then it’s time to worry.

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So what you are asking is whether you should speculate. You want predictions on future value. You want someone to share the future so you know it’s worth farming or buying Chia before it happens. What a lovely concept and idea.


Point is, nothing is born in the crypto world, and automatically great. It’s very early… To be honest, outside of Doge and and Bitcoin, I can’t name any crypto that is taken anywhere. I don’t know of anywhere Chia is taken, but again, it’s early in the game.

No that is not what I am asking at all. I am trying to find evidence of Chia being the superior coin it is made out to be. I am asking if the hype has some foundation in reality. Apparently not, or not yet.

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I understand that those may not be your motives, but everyone here feels the same way and asks themselves the same things. We all wait on progress. I see this as the “foundational” phase. It’s up and down with BTC like most others right now. Of course we are all banking on usage and this usage is the main motivation of the Chia leadership/founders unless I’m mistaken. I’m more appreciative of “playing the clubs” before moving into the “arena gigs”. Primary key is trust in the engine. Whether wide spread usage of Chia happens? That would be a great day in my life to hear that type of news.