Are winning / harvested plots removed?

General Question:

If your plot has already been harvested and you have already been rewarded, what would happen to the plot? Would it be deleted on the destination folder?


Plots are good forever, they can continue to win indefinitely. Just because one wins doesn’t mean it is “used up”.

(There’s no reason to delete a winning plot, except if you are a mega-whale and have petabytes on the network there is some theoretical attack people can theoretically use against whales with winning plot info, so they advise deleting winning plots in that specific case only.)


Thank you…
So does that mean that when you have used up the space with plots on your destination folder, then the job of the “plotter” is already done? - unless, I add more space on the destination folder and build more plots? Did I get it right?

Yes that sounds correct to me. The answer to your question is, you do not need to, and should not, delete winning plots. Except in very rare conditions (whale).


Since Chia is like a lottery, remember that a lottery ticket with the same number can win more than once:

In fact, the likelihood of this happening is just as likely as seeing a completely new combination of numbers.


how do you determine which plot won?

I’m sure you can pluck that info from the log, but if you’re not a “whale” then it’s irrelevant, as detailed above, you want to keep your winning plots around as well.

no but there is the worldest smallest change of a winning plot enabling you from getting hacked. Hoffman confirmed it and said later versions will automatically delete the win plot.

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Again, he was only talking about so-called whales and even current whales do not have to worry about this yet but they could start thinking about deleting winning plots now, but don’t worry about it at the moment:

Video from here until 1:06:08:


65:23 so particularly for plots that win a
65:25 transaction
65:26 if you’re a big enough whale it’s kind
65:29 of a i’m saying best practice
65:31 it’s nice it’s polite it’s a good idea
65:33 um
65:34 uh if you have like thousands or
65:37 millions of plots
65:38 that if a plot wins uh you then delete
65:41 it and replace it with another plot
65:43 uh afterwards to make sure that the
65:47 the keys for that are well and truly
65:49 deleted and there’s just no way anyone
65:51 in the universe could possibly reorg
65:53 uh past that depth uh
65:56 in the foliage if you’re not a huge
65:58 whale
65:59 don’t worry about it even today if you
66:02 are a huge whale
66:03 don’t worry about it too much but it’s
66:05 it’s polite it’s a good idea
66:06 at some point in the future to do this

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It’s more from a curiosity standpoint. It’d be neat to track what won. To me anyway.