Arrrgh, mateys... Can't keep up 'yer Netspace!

Ahhhhh - Other than losing plots, what’s worse than waking up and finding no new chia in the wallet and another day added to the Estimated Time to Win?

I was keeping up, but it seems I am no match for hpool, apparently!

Also - if you haven’t yet, everyone should choose English (Pirate) for the localization option from the little menu in the upper right.


I’m about to hit 200 plots, pumping out about 11-12 a day, and still stuck at 2 XCH, that I won over two weeks ago. I’ve been checking all my logs and nothing seems off, all my proof checking is < 1second. Somewhat discouraging, but since I’m already invested on the hardware side, I’m just going to keep filling up the remaining hardware (about 40tb more) and let probability do it’s thang.

I’m looking forward to our pool though for sure


Haha I feel you guys! Definitely looking at a dry streak myself. But it’s all part of the game until we cave in and join hpool or other pooling becomes available.

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I’m in, but it’s a bummer we cannot convert the existing plots. As a database guy, the solution seems pretty simple (a many to many join with a linking table) but I guess it’s more complicated than that in reality. :frowning:

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We’re all going through the same thing together. Nobody can keep up. But don’t join hpool unless you feel like handing your money to a scammer.


You think they will run away with the money at one point? I haven’t really looked into hpool, do they have a bad rep?

They probably won’t steal everything, but they could if they wanted to. You have to hand over your seed phrase in order to participate.

I think they’re more likely to skim a bit off the top so their victims don’t flee in droves.

Every day my plots go up, my odds go down, and my XCH stays the same. Lol. I’m going to hit 387 plots today which is all my space, so the growth is about to hit me hard :frowning:

lol, same feeling. I hope the price of XCH go higher than expected so that winning 1 every month doesn’t feel so bad!

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same here with 300 plots the Netspace has killed it for everyone but don’t say that on Keybase they get very angry very quickly.

If the price of Chia is high (go look at the IOU exchanges and make up your own mind) then expect the network space to double in days not weeks, the end is nigh.

this is all pure speculation and just the thoughts of a crazy fool


I’m not getting angry but please make sure to qualify all of these pricing discussions with: “this is all pure speculation”. Which it is at this point.

if Hpool get 51% we might as well all go home.

The best way to prevent hpool getting to 51% (though very unlikely they would do anything even if they got that far) is to plot more and get friends involved.

if you have 5000 friends. It is not in hpools interest to bit the hand that feeds it but it is still a thing to worry about.

Today, just now, I fell out of the 1 day expected to win. I have 1466 plots and am now at 2 days. It was a good run. And 1 XCH per day expected to win is still pretty awesome, compared to any other serious crypto.

Out of curiosity given how many plots you have, averaged out over the last week or two, were you actually winning about daily?

oooff, i feel that pain! how’s that luck running now @dchuk ?


I just can’t plot fast enough, lol. I wouldn’t have the space anyway, but I made it to single digit estimates for about a day. Been climbing up through the teens every time I check now, lol. I think I spent my luck last week with my only wins, but back to back.

exactly the same feeling lol