[Australia] Selling 10 Petas of Brand New Toshiba MG07ACA14TE 14TB 3.5” 7200rpm SATA HDD and used NVME's

Looking to see if anyone is interested in buying the whole lot of these located in Australia.
Happy to ship internationally if required.
Open to offers.

I also have 96 used 2tb NVME’s in 4x pcie expansion cards if anyones interested (12 sets)

This seems an odd choice of forum to join just to sell a pallet of hdd.
Id think your usual outlets would be better.

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This was originally for a Chia farm that i was building but changed plans so i thought this would be the best place to see if anyones interested.

What “outlets” do you recommend?

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I was thinking maybe you were an official reseller.
Not sure how warranty works with toshiba, id look into that as it could affect what ppl will pay.

I guess itll be tough to sell as a job lot tbh, but i am only guessing.
Ive no idea where would be best to sell bulk tbh.

You could set up shop on amazon and ebay as a starting point i guess.

Hopefullt some others will chime in with more exp dealing in bulk.

Good luck.


Holy smokes!! This is incredible. Planned for a Chia farm? Holy sh!!t! I get it if this was ordered in the first 6 months of the Chia launch but wowsers! This underscores my main point. Chia should not be about using new anything. All the new drives used means new drives need to be manufactured. Meanwhile, hard drives are recycled, destroyed or into land fills when in fact they are still perfectly usable for years and years.

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What kind of offer range are you looking at ?

i already have a used HDD farm, at the time (first month) used HDD’s were selling for more than new ones in Australia so i purchased this lot instead.

Global group-buy anyone ?

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happy to also sell full boxes (they come in lots of 20)

Update with prices (negotiable just pm me for bulk order)

Item: (new)Toshiba MG07ACA14TE 14TB 3.5” 7200rpm SATA HDD (boxes of 20)
Quantity: 10 Petas worth (720 drives)
Price: 15 usd/TB (may reduce for bulk buy)

Item: (used) Gigabyte Aorus Gen4 AIC Adaptor with 4x PCIe 4.0/3.0 M.2 NVMe Slots
GC-4XM2G4 WITH: 4x WD Black NVME SN750 2TB WDS200T3X0C-00SJG0
Quantity: 12x Adaptors, 96x NVME’s
Price: 700 usd per kit (may reduce for bulk buy)

Item: (refurb) Dell R630 (3x LP PCIe)
2x E5-2680v3 2.5Ghz 12 Core CPU’s
128GB Ram (8x 16GB PC4-2133P-R)
8x 2.5" HDD Bays (no disks)
H730 Raid Controller
iDRAC Enterprise
1/10G SFP+ rNDC (Broadcom 57800)
Dual 750W PSU

Price: 900 Usd each ono

That’s the same as stating that airlines should never buy airplanes, only use whats there because that would require airplanes to be manufactured. It’s not how business works.
A company uses what works. And old, used 3.5" 2 tb drives definitely dont work (at least for me)


Odds are surely against them lasting as long as shiny new drives.

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Can’t figure out how to PM on this forum, but I’m interested. How can I reach you?

Click on the user’s name:

In the next window, click on their name, again:

Now click on “Message”

Note that the first step is not necessary, if you scroll up to the user’s post and make that your first click.


I’m lacking some badge so don’t have the message button available yet.


sent you a pm so you can reply to me there mate