Automover Plots

Hello gentleman,

does anyone have a script or tool to automate moving plots over network?
My plotters are Ubuntu. I have a network drive connected on my farmer with all generated plots ( Z:) and on my farmer I have different externals.
Does anyone have something for this case?
I heart that netcat is the fastest transfer?

Thank you very much!

I use a script in a bash file to move from my destiny folder to my external HDs (USBs).
If you change the folder to a network mounted drive, I think it will work.
It uses mv command to move plot files ever 1200 seconds.

This is my script:

#! /bin/bash

while :
yes | mv /mnt/ssd1/*.plot /media/external_01/
sleep 1200

exit 0

After create the bash file, I saved with the name “”.

And than, I create another bash file to execute the script with Screen.

I used this text in this newfile:


screen -d -m -S mover bash -c 'cd /home/chiadao/ && . ./’

You could see this topic: What are you using in Linux to move the plots to another device? - #2 by snorgus