AzPool - Stable Daily Reward - Support Original Plots - Launch in This Week

What do you need from a Chia Farming Pool? AzPool is here for you

Join our Discord for further information: Discord

your link to discord not working, it go to not to channel

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How you start this week since there no launch date published?

AzPool will launch in this weekend if we test the application without any error. We’re currently spending time and effort on developing full reward and payout features, web application security!
Join our Discord to update news here:
Thank you~

Sorry for that mistake. Join our Discord here to update news: Thank you!

Please make constant invite link, this one expired alredy.


Sorry again. AzPool Discord link here:
We’re updating the news on Discord. Stay tuned

We’re about to launch. Join our Discord to get updates: Discord

We’re going to launch today. Stay tuned on our Discord channel!

I assume it’s not official protocol.

they will suport boath, as oficial will relise will add it.

we will support it after it release. AzPool is live now

Yes, exactly. AzPool is live now

Our permanent Discord link here:

You guys were the ones with the faucet that don’t send when claimed. Wonder why you collect receiving addresses then? hmmm

send me your wallet address and I’ll check it out

Hey no worries. Was just bringing up so maybe you guys can check your site for the others.

we are working on the pool very hard, for other problems we will tackle later bro