Best $10K Chia investment

Suppose you want to invest $10K in Chia today, which strategy do you think would be more profitable:

(A) Buy 3000 plots of capacity at 1$/plot, buy a $7K harvester setup and farm

(B) Buy a $10K Chia mining rig and start plotting and farming

(C) Buy $10K of XCH and speculate

Motivate your answer :slight_smile:

You do nothing, you buy cheap Oil stock and you wait, crypto will crash, hardware prices will normalise. Oil will rise so you sell your Oil stocks, then buy Chia at floor price from the earnings from oil stock, you put your 10k in bank till when the crypto industry is out of the woods, then you build yourself a rig, and did I say, send your mother a small present before you do any of that… Or do none of it and just send a small present to your mother :slight_smile:

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This is by far the easiest. If you got in during small netspace maybe, but we don’t have any time machines around :wink:

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  • Buy a 1000-1500 $ plotter, spend the rest on storage space.

The biggest factor in earning Chia I think is farm capacity, not plotting speed. If you plot faster sure you will earn a little bit more and little bit faster but over time as you run out of farming space, it levels out.
Adding more farm space will give you more rewards in the long run than faster plotting.

Speculating on the market is always an option, but it’s not my thing. Also the financial risk is higher in my opinion. Hardware keeps a good resell value even over a longer period.
Buying tokens you could lose a large chunk of your investment if you’re not careful.

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That was option A. Most of the $7K is drivespace

No, I meant get a budget plotting machine yourself. So basically option B, but with a breakdown on parts spend

by a fleeBay DELL R720XD flash perk card to IT mode, add 24 SAS drives total spend less than £1k (38 plots day) and 9k for HDs but like coding horror said I’d put the 10k on chia at OKEx winning big on farming has had its day.

C, get in on the fire sale bro! it’s not gonna last long!!

I think “plan D” exists ))
Just a question: how much money are you ready to loose?

For sure C, why would you do the other two? Its just not worth any more a and b if you do the calculation.

Price is very low, probably it is a good time to buy, who knows?
Please calculate how long you would need to plot for 10 XCH.


Step 1, get a time machine… step 2… go back in time…


That reminds me of a quote from Warren Buffet regarding investment - In the business world, the rear view mirror always seems clearer than the windshield…

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