Best and worst exchanges

Hello all,

New to cryptocurrency in general. Looking for reliable exchanges.

Heard some good things about Coinbase and Kraken and some terrible things about Binance. But looks like they all have pros and cons.

Based on your experience, which exchanges would you recommend to sign up or stay away?


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I use Coinbase for bitcoin and ethereum. Their fees suck, but their app is slick as hell, and I know some people who worked there and I just trust them a lot overall.

I use for VeChain because it’s not on Coinbase. App works great, but I’v heard they can get dicey when it comes to getting your funds out of there.

Never used Kraken though.


Thanks for the input.

That’s what I heard about Binance too which is a deal-breaker.

I wonder if there are other reliable ones out there.

Hey @durin , So its a little bit of personal preference.

I have used Coinbase for years now. Fees suck, dont trade there…but its a good/secure cloud wallet.

Bittrex was always way more friendly towards ERC-20 Tokens and drops.
Great for airdrops and pretty much any coin you cant hold back in a Coinbase wallet. Binance is great for trading. Very interactive trading charts.

Another great resources to keep up with if you are slightly new to Crypto, is:

Coin Market Cap

Tons of information, one of my most used sites and mobile apps. Will tell you just about any metric you want to know for any cryptocurrency that exist. (be careful 90% of these are junk)

Welcome and Good luck!!!

(edit: those are all “western-friendly exchanges”. More secure than some of the overseas exchanges. Go under “Exchanges” on that Coin Market Cap I linked. And you can get the rundown. ((fixed some grammar… tired… been plotting Chia and trying to get other machines set up harvesters… bang head against wall lol. But its worth it, Chia will rule them all! lol xD)