Best configuration for my setup?

Specs are

I7 16 threads
64gb ram
2x2Tb nvme

I started with 2 scripts one for each nvme
8 plots in parallel staggered by 1:15h per nvme so 16 in total, eah script writes finished plot to a different drive.

4threads per process and 4000/ ram

Is there an advantage to Raid0 2 nvmes?
I read that threads only work in phase one in other phases only 1 thread is used?
What is the most optimal setting, I want to get close to 30 plots per day.

I think that’s way too many in parallel… You might be able to get away with 5 per drive, but even that’s pushing it. You also don’t have that many threads. You should start smaller and evaluate your performance, though you haven’t said anything about how it’s running now.

It is running slow, and threads if staggered are only used in phase one after that its 1 thread per process?

Is there an advantage to put 2x2tb in raid0?

Hi, im running on similar configuration (only little more threads) with following setup:

PC spec:
2x 2TB NVME PCI-E 4.0 Raid 0 (win striped volume)

Plotting config:
chia plots create -k 32 -n 30 -b 4000 -r 4

Curently im runnig 12 plots at once around 28000s per plot. I have 12 spinning HDDs so one plot per drive. Maybe im pushing it litte, because my SSDs usage sometimes get at 100%.
With less plots (around 10) i had 22000s per plot. From plots per day perspective both setup looks similar for me so from my point of view i dont want to waste time with tinkering and simply let it running…

Mpore nvme’s, is better.
I found that running on 6 x 1 TB NVME is much bettter than 3 x 2 TB.
Storage_jm (intel engineer that farms Chia with us) is telling that always bigger amount of controllers will cause better speeds.