Best exchange to sell Chia

What is good exchange to move chia from my wallet to, and then sell and move back to coinbase and withdraw cash to my bank account?

Bottom line is I want a path to sell XCH and put the cash in the bank.

gate dot io
Works for me, can’t say if it will work for you

I don’t believe is available in the US.

I use OKX

No problems with it

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I’ve settled on OKX. My second choice would be Kucoin and I’ve given up on Huobi.

When I go to the OKX exchange, I get this:

OKX service is not available in your region

You cannot access products in your region (United States) due to local laws and regulations. Continue on OKX if you reside outside of the current area and can provide a valid government-issued ID.

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