Best HDD models for chia in term of longrun

specific models, may be brands. does rpm matter. cmr vs smr etc. is bigger capacity always better?

for inctance would blue smr 6tb disk last longer than 7200 red.

share your thoughts and observation looking at the past two yes of having this ride.


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This is a good starting point :


no this is no good. it has no soul.

Warranty period seems to be a good starting place, it’s a guarantee you will have a working drive for the 3 or 5 years or what not.

Once plotted, the wear on the cheaper SMR drives should be minimal, but they also aren’t designed for 24/7 operation. Most home PC boxes spend more time off than on. Hard to say if the savings are worth it if you want a long term setup… maybe plan on a couple drives dying and whatever is still running in 5 or 8 years is a good success.

All in all, the data center grade HDDs seem to be the sweet spot, especially the white labels if you are looking for a deal.

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So you should get rid of SMR drives you’d say? Ok!

What is “white labels”? :ok_woman:

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The ‘scratch and dent’ or units refurbished with a platter disabled (say, making a 16TB drive functional as a 14TB drive if a platter is damaged). Has some for sale - (SAS and SATA).

Reported! And white label are drives labeled in white :slight_smile: