Best pool for me

Hi, I plan to have just a little TB, approx. 20 TB, does it make sense for me to be part of a pool?

Will there be any pool interest in such a small fish?

How do I choose a pool? The biggest?

Thanks for the information.

A pool is probably perfect for you. you have a bit of time to wait and see what the pools offer in the next few weeks.

you know you will have to replot for pools right?

How do you think I’m going to have to do a replot? How to lubricate old fences and make them again? Why is it needed? Do all pools have it that way? If I’m not in pool, don’t I have to?

I don’t know how pools work? Can you recommend a pool to me and write why you recommend it? Then I would like to read the rules of membership in the pool.

Plots for pools are not released yet, so no one has a plot ready for a pool. And no one really knows what plots will take to run yet either, it’s all being detailed next Monday

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We’ll hear more from the Chia devs (expected on Monday), but yes, we know that all pools will require re-plotting.

This is just the way that the network is implementing their pooling protocol. You’ll wind up creating new plots that are tied to a smart contract. Then you can choose to farm those plots by yourself, or you can point them to be farmed as part of a pool with other users.

You’ll also be able to leave a pool and switch to another in about 30 mins (a security feature).

You can continue farming your old plots at the same time, but with the netspace growth, they’ll be unlikely to win very frequently, so you may want to gradually replace those with pool-compatible plots.

Anyhoo, I’m building a pool at if you’d like to stay informed. Good luck :slight_smile:

Under what capacity do you think a pool is a good choice over solo farming?

i would guess at anyone under a PB, but certainly if you are in the under 500GB range.

and if netspace growth goes up at the current rate for long, my 130TB will be making a few cents a day by the end of the year, so there will be no incentive to add to it.

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You’re the first to offer me a pool connection, so I’ll probably try to join you as soon as it’s up to date.

I am logged in. Exactly You’re doing well. This is exactly how I needed a pool that will take care of me and provide me with all the information on how to join it, etc. Now I will wait for further instructions by e-mail. Thank you.

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Can each pool determine the conditions for the payment of user rewards and similar rules themselves?

Or the fair conditions within the pool regarding payout will be overseen by the chia algorithm itself so that the pool founder cannot rob their members or something within the pool?

Do I still have to wait for this information?

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I believe that will need to be implemented by pool creators, but the built-in protections that Chia provides are:

  1. the farmer always gets 0.25 XCH for a winning plot, then their percentage of the remainder (minus any pool fees) as a proportion of their total netspace contribution to the pool.
  2. the ability to move your plots to a different pool whenever you want (after the “cooldown” period).

Pools with a bad reputation won’t be popular for long, so the incentive for shitty pool owners to screw people will (hopefully) be mitigated by that.


I have 950 plots now, targetting about 3000 (about 300TB) and i will be diverting at least SOME of that capability to a pool to smooth out income


we are all waiting for more info for now.

What place can I go to watch for any news?

ASi here: News - Chia Network or is it better to have some twitter / github, or where can I expect new information about pool support?