Best setup for ploting

hello to all,
can somebody help me with best setup what i can have with mi PC.
Ubuntu 20.04

Ryzen AMD 7 5800X
DDR4 64 GB (2 x 32 GB) 3000 MHz
1x MP600 CORE 4TB M.2 (3x MP600 CORE 4TB M.2 in the way)
1x 1TB M.2 Viper
320 TB HHD storage

i tried some settings forever there is something wrong, once even the computer overheated.

THX in advance

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That has nothing to do with Chia, then your system/cpu has a problem with the cooling solution used.

You don’t need that many ssd’s for that system, not even with the “normal” plotter.
With the madmax plotter, you only need 1 or 2 ssd’s with total tempspace of >256

You don’t have any where near enough CPU power to use all those SSD’s They will be idle and sad most of the time.
as Voodoo said you need only 1 or 2
(and your heat issue is a poor build or bad cooling solution)

hello , nothing to worry about cooling, I have Dark rock proTR4 but I was to blame myself because it was 30 degrees in the room…

and regarding CPU… AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970x (32 Cores, Turbo Boost with up to 4.5GHz, 280W) is on the way

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Curious to see your results.
I am using a 5900X(12 core) with only a single m.2 1TB WD Black , getting around 80 plots a day.

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you know, I’m not here to be smart because I’m not, I asked for advice on how I could get the best result with the settings … can you advise me?

I’m in chia world second day in this and I’m using what I can … what I have

For us to help you we need a starting point. each setup is different. What times have you plotted already and what’s the complete result of those?

i just startete at 16:21 to ploting firs plots
now is 20:06 and im on 60% with 1TB SSD disk
and 56% with 4TB ssd disk
so this is the reason whay im here to ask help …to try do the best setup

I need someone to guide me … if I can get such help here

We cannot plot and test for you, you need to invest time in this, there is no copy/paste for most of the cases.

Once you have you first result you need to post the command you used and then the terminal result for other ones to tell you what do they recommend


never operating with linux until yestrday … i will try to give you all information what i can get…

Are you plotting with the Madmax plotter or with the Chia original?
Looks like the latter, you might want to try madmax, works much easier. It just runs one plot at a time but much faster.

chia original…i try everything little by little and try to learn

The I suggest you install madmax, the install instructions are pretty easy on the github page.
Use 1 nvme as temp1, the other as temp2.
Just have to fill in you public farmer and pool keys and some basic options.
Try a plot and see what happens.

keys can be found by running the chia keys show command
go to the chia directory and open a terminal:
./chia keys show

If you are very new to Linux and to Chia, I would go bac to Windows,
The very small benefit to using Linux will be not worth the learning curve (imho) (if you are getting 100+ plots a day who cares if you can get 105 on Linux)
I would use Windows and Madmax CLI with some combo of UI to squeeze out extra plots without slowing down MM (much)
my current setup is basic indeed. I feel little need to tweak much more when I cant buy enough HDD space to keep it busy for more than a few days.
(using madmax)

.\chia_plot.exe -n 80 -r 16 -u 256 -t D:\mad\ -d O:\ -p 9914256aa6916914ebc0e8d8d1c84a1f68e7b66bf6a40c19360ecf6ce1dba20a04835da7438fca5a8d14bb1220d04aa9 -f

Then I also plot 1 on “C” and 2 more on the “D” NVME, from the GUI, on a 444 minute timer, wiht all the the:
CPU is always at 100%
C (root SSD)is around 40%
D (1TB nvme) is 100%
That also keeps the Exos drives maxed writing with the other systems that also plot in my network.
My bottleneck is actually the 1GB network (needs to be 10GBE)

I know I can hit well over 100 a day here, but again, with every purchase of 16TB drive only taking 2 days to fill, what is the hurry?

I hope this helps!

how i can geet this info from linux?
“Once you have you first result you need to post the command you used and then the terminal result for other ones to tell you what do they recommend”

All you needed to do is 128 gb ram and one nvme 500 gb drive
And use the mad max plotter and make 2 plots per hour but you would need to creat a RAM disk using 111gb of ram

I get ~2 an hour without a RAMdisk.
If your CPU and SSD are fast enough there is no need for RAMdisk (fun though)