Best way to automatically move plots from Windows plotter to Ubuntu farmer?

(I am not a Windows user at all).

I have a Windows laptop that seems to be able to pump out a good 8-9 plots a day, and I just have it running as a plotter right now from Powershell. It’s plotting to an external 1tb NVME, 2 plots at a time, and right now I’m just collecting 5 plots on there and sneakernetting them to my Ubuntu farming/plotting rig with its external drive enclosures.

Ideally, I’d have things setup where the Windows machine is automatically moving plots over the network to the Ubuntu drives when they’re completed, but I’m not really sure where to start here.

I have a 1gbps network in the house if that matters much.


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I’m doing the same thing, sneakernet with 5 separate drives, 2 drives at a time moving plots off throughout the day (from 3 windows machines and 2 macs)… and my caution to you is that if you use the network, it may affect your challenge response times in a very bad way.

Shouldn’t be too difficult to do it, serve a samba share from ubuntu, map it as a drive in Windows… I was doing something similar early on, before understanding how badly it affected response times. example guide for samba

You could just use that as your final folder, skipping the dump drive… but it would also delay the next plot until the slower network copy finished. Lots of different options for scheduling the move/copy, like this How to Automatically Move Files From One Folder to Another on Windows and Mac


You can use my robocopy script from here: