Best way to format External drives for Farming (not plotting)

Hey I was just wondering if anyone had recommendations for the best way to format an external drive for farming. My WD external came with exFAT formatting, but I have a feeling that’s not the best way to optimize for space efficiency.

storageJM has an excellent tutorial on Budget plotting that details his preference for a Linux machine, but my externals need to move between a windows box and Linux machine so I can keep farming when there’s maintenance downtime on one of them. So I think NTFS might be the right answer.

Just wondering if there’s any optimizations to be had or if I’m just making this harder than it need to be. The adventure has trained me to assume that nothing is as simple as it seems. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

NTFS, no journalling, no indexing, no virus scans etc


I know how to disable indexing in windows, and I can disable journaling by drive in Linux, but is it possible to do it per drive in Windows?

I use the windows computer for other things so I don’t want to disable journaling globally, just on my farming drives. Is that possible? I’m only seeing group policy settings for a system-wide change.

Normally it should not be active on an external drive, but you can always check and manipulate it via fsutil usn

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Fantastic! Thanks so much.

i use exfat on my external as i’m moving between mac and windows, havn’t try ntfs yet

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