Bestsellers NVME 1/2tb solution for plotting

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Need an advice, kinda about to get another one.

TBW of course is over speed.

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Gen3 or Gen4? motherboard chipset? Support gen4 ?

The best NVMe for plotting can be found here:

WD, Samsung consumer - see specific models in the thread.
Alternative route would be Intel or Kioxia enterprise models according to your budget and form factor / interface compatibility

sooo, SAMSUNG 970 EVO Plus 2TB is the way to go?

Whats the difference between 970 evo plus and hd 970 evo plus?

970 evo plus and 970 evo pro just have a slight difference in performance, and pro may be rated for slightly more endurance.

For practical plotting, the sustained write performance is dictated by flash quality and cooling. I bet you will get much better results from a water / forced air cooled evo plus 970 (pcie gen 3) versus evo pro 980 (gen 4) passively cooled.

alright do i need speacial heatsink or there is good one in retail package ?

corsair mp510 gen3 and mp600 gen4 are good and sn750, sn850, sx8200, crucial p5 also.

The bests are 970 pro and 980 pro

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I have used several kinds / brands. I found these two are the fastest for mad max

Crucial P5
Samsung 970 evo