Beware of AsicWay mystical miner scam!

The news wire has been flooded for the last week with news of an amazing new miner from AsicWay.

The AW PRO is billed as heatless, soundless, and claims to use only 2200W to achieve Bitcoin 1950 TH/s. It works on 110 or 220 and has a universal power adapter so you can plug in anywhere. They claim to ship worldwide for free and that they are having no problems with their international 7 day shipping.

They want $18,000 USD for this amazing machine and have a calculator onsite to show you how you will make your investment back in a month.

Only problem is the machine does not seem to exist.

I found peeps on reddit who had paid for their machines but never received them.

These scammers have upped the game.

They have flooded the news wire with the story of their incredible new miners so the news is promoting their scam.

They have planted “independent” reviews that read almost as word for word product endorsements.

The “independent reviewers” somehow got their mining machines and made their identical reviews less than 7 days after the product was released in which they all stated they got their machine in exactly 7 days. Incredible! They all raved (with the same script) about the free shipping on their $18,000 purchase and on the excellent telephone support. Amazing!

I cannot find anyone in the world who actually has one of these machines sitting in front of them. I do not think they exist.

These scammers have the news wire doing all the heavy lifting and advertising for their scam, solely on the basis of some press releases and some fake reviews.

Based on reading the glowing fake news I was busy pointing out this wonderful new machine to friends and thinking of buying one myself. It was not until my compatriot pointed out the red flags that they only take crypto as payment and that the only pic looked photo shopped that we started to investigate further.

I never take the news at face value but I do not expect them to blindly promote a scam for over a week without any diligence.

Now I know better …

P.S. Google map of their California address brings up a list of business’ in the building but no AsicWay. Most of the business’ do not list a suite number but all that do list suite #210. Must be a crowded suite…

Their New Zealand address has a car rental, a car park, and a hotel. No mention of (or room for) Asicway.


The sad part of the scam is that if this machine existed it would make a considerable dent in POW coin energy usage. This is a big part of the lure.

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I had a similar experience when I ordered Rockwell Automation’s Retro Incabulator:

Although I did take delivery of the product, their software crashes, and their customer support is abysmal.
And getting replacement parts – or even phone support, even during the warranty period, was a nightmare.

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Plethora of red flags make it easy to spot. Here’s one of the many reasons:

They say the 2200W can be used on a 110v circuit. Most North American circuits are 120v 15a, which puts you at 1800w and anyone with any knowledge of electric knows you don’t run more than 80%, or 1440w. This would include these brilliant scientists that invented this mystical miner…

Let’s be generous and say it’s 120v 20a. 2400W but should be run at 1920W or less to be safe, not 2200W.

Oh, and someone is going to sell you a miner that makes $700+ USD/day and will ROI in 24 days instead of mining on it themselves…

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They used this address when I tested placing 1 fake order.


Looks like they scammed some people already.

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