Bladebit disk plotting performance

Got Bladebit Disc down to 44 mins (improvement from 60 mins)

This is vs MadMax 42 mins (including time took to copy final plot to final destination)

I’m thinking it’s now my Intel S3700 sata SSD and final destination hard drive bottlenecking things….

I like how MadMax can copy a plot to final destination while starting a new plot… saves 5-6 mins…

My Z420 E5-2696v2 128GB DDR3. MadMax 42 minutes.

Your CPU vs mine.

I think for single Xeon, Win10 works a littler better than ubuntu. And Win10 Home works better than Win10 pro. I don’t know why. Under Win10 Home my 12C 24T seems fully utilized. Under Win10 Pro it is not 100%.