Bladebit keeps crashing

Hello together,

currently when I use Bladebit it keeps crashing. Dunno why it is that way.

Config is:
Z690 Mainboard
Intel Core i5-12500
128 GB RAM

With Madmax everything seems fine and working without issues.

Does anyone know what to do? Or should I also post the error message?

bladebit needs minimum 256GB memory for GPU plotting
440 GB for CPU plotting (all in RAM

So assuming you are not using either of those version and are using the bladebit disk, yes need error message at least.

I was able to use bladebit-MMX disk with 256gb memory CPU plotting.

since when is there a bladebit version to make MMX plots?

Since Nov 7, 2022

ok, didn’t know that :innocent: in any case Harold said it will probably take some time for bladebit RAM for Chia to get updated to 256GB requirement.

Again the major wait!!!


with 128 RAM,you still need NVME (mad max needs 256 G, while BB disk needs 460 G)
be aware of the size of your NVME, I think your nvme maybe just 256G which will be ok for madmax and crush while using the BB disk.