Bladebit machine question

Please advice is this machine suitable for Bladebit and how much K32 plots per day it can make?
Worried for the CPU as it may be main drawback here.

CPU is not super great. E5-2697 V2 is best in socket (I think)… 12 cores each, 3GHz all-core. You can get a matched pair for not a ton of money if the performance of dual E5-2680 “V0” doesn’t meet your requirements.

Ok. Thanks. But at least some rough estimation of the plots per day?

I don’t know. You’ll have to find performance numbers for a similar system and try to account for differences in CPU cores, clocks, and IPC.

As said above by a fellow CHIA fan, you will have to compare with similar systems if any has them on this forum.

You do know the noise a bladeserver generates… fan noise … I have an old HP Bladeserver and it’s like a jetplane when starting up … no doubt a dell one will be similar

Actually not much difference with an antminer testing all fans , goes pretty loud…

…hmm…i had few antminers few years ago…the noise made me install them in the basement…
…thanks for this advice…i will reconsider using such a mashine in home …