Bladebit RAM Plotter 7,5-8 minutes/k32 and DDN Storage Scaler 8460 SS8460 4U 84 Bay [Italy/EU]


I’m looking to sell at a reasonable price the bladebit plotter that i have assembled, and barely used due to increased electricity cost and other problems in finalizing the farm project, that have been abandoned.

I’m looking also to sell the jbod DDN Storage Scaler 8460 SS8460 4U 84 Bay

During the tests the plotter has performed k32/plot on 7,5/8 minutes.

Following the specs:

Case: Generic 4U rack case with adeguate amount of cooling fan - no rackmount support (status - as good as new)

Powersupply : Corsair RMX 1000 W (as good as new)

MotherBoard : Intel Server MB S2600STB S2600STBR (as good as new - firmware update suggested on startup)

CPU: 2x (Double) Intel Xeon Platinum 8276 (refurbished, fully working - 165 W consuption)

Ram: 512 GB (16X 32Gb DDR4 REG ECC Kingston ts429/32G) (basically new)

CPU Cooling: 2x NOCTUA NH-D9 DX-3647 4U (basically new)

Hard drive: Kingston Data Center DC1000M, SSD 1.92 TB, U.2 PCIe 3.0 X4 (NVMe)
(installed with a pci slot adapter, pci slot closer to the secondary cpu, impressive write/read spead) (barely new less than 50 hours of power on)

Other Hardware:
Additional PCI usb 3.1 gen B controller.

External USB dual Hard drive docking station

N.b. During the tests, in order to keep with the plotting speed, a script has been used to move the made plot to 3 different sata drives in parallel docked to usb external station.

If less than 3 hard drive are used, the buffer Nvme disk will be saturated; ofcourse you can use the 10GB/s lan of the motherboard or add a fiber controller to perform this operation.

Specs of the DDN Storage Scaler 8460:

Condition Refurbished, fully tested and working, very good condition (it is basically new on the inside)

Sold with 64 Complete Disk caddy + included Rack mount rails

Front plastic Brezel missing (just aestetic)

The ideal solution will be local pickup, second best is shipping in italy, but shipping can be arrange all across EU.

Consider that the DDN jbod is very HEAVY.

Feel free to propose a reasonable price, i prefer to sell both in bundle.


Is it a typo and should it be 84 caddy or is it indeed 64 caddy? What price do you have in mind for only the DDN Storage Scaler? What part in Italy do you live?


No, it’s not a typo, i have only available 64 disk caddies.

I live in Rome, and i can arrange a small delivery travel nearby if needed.

For the DDN, make me a reasonable offer and i’ll consider it.

Best Regards