Bladebit ram plotting 27 mins with 480 gb ram!

hello guys,
my server config is ;
amd epyic total 64 core
480 gb 2666 mhz ram
on windows
plotting speed is 27 mins.
plot files going to nvme hard drive.
my command ;
.\bladebit -c x -f x ramplot D:\final

someone can help me please?

What os are you using? What type of motherboard? Do you have your ram installed properly for optimum speed(Utilizing proper channels)?

There is something wrong with your server.
My 5950X on SSD plott make 29min.
My server 2x Xeon 12 cores, 512Gb, Plotts on bladebit in 18min on Ubuntu. Moreover, my memory is 2133.

i solve that problem. its coming from ram. thank you for interested with my problem :slight_smile: