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Today, my 3200 memory arrived, replaced the 2133 memory, and tested it. The following are the test results.

Lenovo SR590 2U Server
Intel 6226R * 2
centos stream 9
970 Evo Plus *2 RAID0

448GB DDR4 2133 memory,
7-7.4 minutes without chia plot mover
7.89-8.5 minutes with chia plot mover

448GB DDR4 2666 memory(2DPC, so only 2666), centos stream 9
6.7-7.1 minutes without chia plot mover
6.9-7.93 minutes with chia plot mover

Although the frequency is 2666, the speed is increased.
High frequency memory will be faster if your wallet allows it.

In conclusion, if you also want to consider using a rack server for plotting, don’t consider the Lenovo brand.

And welcome to share your bladebit/madmax hardware configuration and time.

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What’s wrong with Lenovo servers in particular?

It always depends on whether your memory bandwidth is currently limiting you… From my experience with a Threadripper Pro, I can tell you that 2933 or maybe even 2600 Mhz might be sufficient to not bottleneck. Again, different system and topology…

  1. Not enough built-in pcie bits.
  2. There is no integrated raid (must occupy a pcie slot), if it is a 12-bay, HBA card or RAID card is more expensive. Onboard does not support hot plugging.
  3. Compared with the same level of Dell, there are not enough DIMM slots.
  4. The current version of the bios encounters a third-party pcie device, which will cause the fan to run at full speed, and cannot be set separately.

This is the problem I’m currently having.