Bladebit using ramdrive as destination

When I tried to used ram drive as output folder for bladebit, it gives me an error. Is there a limitation for bladebit to use ramdrive as output?

This is interesting, I was thinking of doing this for madmax gigahorse.

How much system ram do you have?
Did you create a separate ramdisk for plot and destination, or using one single ramdisk.

Not sure if this can be done

I have close to 500gb. I want to use the extra ram to unblock gpu as soon as possible. Perhaps I can look into a drive cache based solution.

In ubuntu there is a workaround for it. I am using the following commands to create a ~300GB ramdrive:

creating a new blockdevice (change the path to the kernel you a are using)

insmod /lib/modules/5.15.0-67-generic/kernel/drivers/block/brd.ko rd_nr=1 rd_size=314572800

creating the filesystem on the blockdevice

mkfs.ext4 -m 0 -T largefile4 /dev/ram0

mounting the new ramdrive

mount /dev/ram0 /ramdrive

setting correct permissions

chown ubuntu:ubuntu /ramdrive

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@Cryptoplotter It seems like you are quite good on linux systems. Do you use ext4 or xfs for your plot file systems. What setting do you use when you create the xfs partitions?

mkfs.xfs -f -s size=4k -m crc=0 /dev/ram0

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