Blinky Beach Chia Pool - I am angry about Bitcoin 🔥

Our planet is cooking. We must dramatically reduce the concentration of carbon-dioxide in our atmosphere. If we don’t, we risk destroying the only biosphere in the known universe.

Bitcoin is a carbon-intensive ecological disaster. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Either we adopt more efficient crypto designs, or we cook the planet. Chia coin appears to be a better alternative. I want to help Chia become the worlds biggest cryptocurrency, for the sake of future generations (and, selfishly, because I don’t want to be roasted alive in my old age).

I am a software engineer and CTO. Day to day, I build software systems. Until now, I have had little interest in contributing to cryptocurrency development. Given the immense damage being wrought by Bitcoin, and given my skills are applicable, I now feel compelled to act and help where I can.

It seems to me that pools often tend to be inscrutable, shady, and hard to understand. Simultaneously, the presence of many small but healthy pools seems a good way to maintain a healthy network. So, I am going to build a pool. I want the pool to be:

  1. Transparent - Its source code, operations, costs, and motivations should be open and easily understood

  2. Efficient - Costs should be low, such that contributing nodes receive as much of their as possible

  3. Limited - For health of the network, it should never grow to be bigger than 1% of the Chia network. Let’s be honest, it is extraordinarily unlikely this limit will ever be hit (hell, this whole idea will probably die to pools built by faster programmers), but I think it is important that the principle be established. Big pools are bad and pools should not aspire to be big.

All of you reading this are likely to be much more knowledgable about crypto, Chia, and pooling than I am now. I welcome any and all tips, requests, wisdom, input, and ideas. Please don’t roast me too hard. All I am here to do is offer up my motivation and programming skill, for what I see as a noble and good cause.

If you’d like to help me build a transparent, efficient, and limited pool, please sign up to the pool mailing list and I will keep you up to date on my progress.

Posted at 416ppm.

- Hugh


er, righto…

ever looked at the power consumed by… gold mining? the banking sector? Xmas tree lights?


What’s worse is that how come everyone has become so anti bitcoin now that its mining life-cycle is drawing to an end, it did all the damage it could, and there is little that it now can … Seems like humans will leverage anything to build value in parallel units - semiconductor shortage into Chia - end of production cycle for BTC into ahem, ahem “green” cryprto…

Green crypto will not save anyone… An emergency action plan to control emissions and plant trees around the globe will - the amount of money that goes into keeping the world divided, needs to get spend towards controlling earth poisoning to give us some fighting chance…

What makes you think Chia has less environmental impacts than bitcoin? I hope it’s not just ‘because Bram said so’?