Block Reward - HPOOL

If i am in HPOOL or any other pool, will i see in windows app if i win a block reward?

If you are in HPool, they run their own software. You would see your rewards in there. If you want it in your own wallet to see in the Chia software, you would need to transfer the balance over.

When real pools start, I do believe the rewards will go directly into your wallet and you will see it in the windows app.

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Yes, sure, the thing is that the freaking question was different.
If i join HPOOL of course they have the rewards settled in their own way.
My question is: If i join HPOOL, will i see ALSO if i get any reward on my plots? Like ‘‘Last height farmed’’, ‘‘Total rewards’’, etc in the application?

temper temper, not a very nice way to reply to someone trying to help…


The chia application? No. The Hpool application? No idea, never used it. Your question mentioned “any other pool” which could mean upcoming pools, legit Chia pools using the pooling protocol (coming out in a couple days). I was answering the question in both ways.

If you are running the HPool software and expecting to see farming information in your Chia software, it doesn’t work that way. They are not tied together.

Check here

Well, if you could read Chinese or use translator, they have your reward record on website. You can check it in your account.