Block reward was given, but not credited?

I had farmed a block on May 13, 2022 4:17 AM Confirmed at Height 1969767. I am farming with Space Pool and they confirmed I won the block, and I even got the .25 xch reward. But in my farming tab I dont show has having credit for winning any blocks? Just a little confused

It only shows up there if ythe 0.25 goes to that wallet, if it goes to another wallet, like a cold wallet it will not show there.

Dont know if that is the situation but thats an option at least

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That makes sense, cause thats exactly what happening. So would the block reward show up as a reward for the cold wallet? I’m just worried I’m going to miss out on something like the Chia Holiday coin that was given to those who won blocks

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If you have your rewards going to a cold wallet.
Use a block explorer to see if it was credited to that cold wallet.