Blockchain and wallet heghts mismatched and both synced

On my plotting system, the blockchain came out of sync but the wallet didn’t. Now the wallet height is higher than the blockchain height. The weird thing is that both the blockchain height and wallet height being different show green and synced. On my farmer, the wallet and blockchain height match but do not match either the blockchain or wallet height on my plotter as the farmer is synced higher. Any ideas what to do? I’m currently plotting 6 and have several hours to go.

Why are you running the full node and wallet on your plotter? Obviously something isn’t right they can’t all be synced and at different heights. Have you checked the connection count on both of them? Are they on the same network/nat, that’s not expected to work to keep them both synced, unless you pointed one at the other manually.

It’s worked fine up till I installed 1.2.1 last night after my plots completed.

Yes the farmer/server is on the same network as the plotter directly connects to Eth2 on the farmer/server and bridging takes over for internet. Eth1 connects the farmer/server to my switch and that connects to the internet.

I do not like command line and right now, there isn’t any way to go into the GUI and not have a full node. I have not run any command line commands to point the plotter to the farmer and visa versa. Is is best not to worry about the plotter being synced and just let it create the plots as is?

Eventually, it may come that I want to use the storage (around 4TB combined HDD/SSD) for additional farming. Not sure yet as that is a few months of pool plotting down the road.

The GUI is painful. If you want to understand and be in control, use the CLI, it’s not that hard. Once you have multiple machines you really don’t want to be GUI. plotter doesn’t /need/ to run any chia services, but usually runs harvester to start collecting from plots as soon as they hit the disk.