Blockchain snapshot for faster initial sync

Since downloading the blockchain over the Chia network can take a few hours at this point, I decided to make a snapshot (at block height 261321) so you can synchronize faster when setting up a new node - your node will only have to sync blocks made after that point.

Do not use this if you’re just having connection issues, it will not help and if you’ve synchronised past 261321 previously you will lose that progress.

Do use this if your node can synchronize but you’re tired of waiting for it to finish.

Shut down your node if it’s running (if you’re using the GUI, this means close the GUI), then replace ~/.chia/mainnet/db/blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite with the file in this torrent:
Chia blockchain 2021/05/11 (261321) (.torrent file)
Or magnet link:

(The ~ folder is your home folder, typically C:\Users\username on Windows and /home/username on Linux)

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Thanks for this; full sync is no joke! I set up a system at a datacenter about a week ago and I was shocked it took ~8 hours or more to sync the whole blockchain.

magnet link dont work for me

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Whoops, looks like the magnet URI scheme doesn’t work on here. Thanks, fixed.

Yeah, I’m surprised the Chia team haven’t said anything about bootstrapping yet. This is a pretty common procedure with other (admittedly often bigger) blockchains.

tried this and it worked but my wallet isn’t reflecting my XCH. says 0 XCH.

Elysium Pool is releasing an automatically-updating version of this service! Twice-weekly updated database snapshots are now available for distribution via torrent.

Please refer to to use Elysium Pool’s Chia Blockchain Bootstrap downloads.

Thanks for doing this.

Just a heads up, you may want to update either the 0% fee or the 5% referral fee part. Since you can’t have 5% of 0. I’m guessing you mean 0 fee on payout.

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Thanks for bringing that to our attention! We are still offering the referral bonus for the future, but are not charging any fees for the time being, and thus are not paying out any referral bonuses during this promotional period.

We will work to word this more clearly.